...Cathy is exactly what you want from a coach...

I have been working with Cathy for just over a year on team management and leadership skills. Cathy is exactly what you want from a coach. She is an outstanding listener and a creative thinker. She is attentive, kind, and—most important—very intelligent. Cathy has helped us grow from a mostly unpaid team of three to a profitable team of eight and growing. The team dynamic and communication is strong, and I attribute much of that strength to my discussions with Cathy.
— Gavi Wolf, CEO/Co-Founder, Indiewalls, New York, NY
Cathy is an outstanding leadership coach. Working with her helped me focus on recognizing opportunities – as well as behaviors holding me back from success – and gave me highly effective strategies to improve my leadership skills, achieve major positive changes at my company, and maintain integrity and clear communications throughout the process. Cathy made sure I established a plan of action after each meeting, which kept me on track. She is insightful, a creative problem solver, and extraordinarily kind, with a deep understanding of group dynamics and what allows businesses to thrive. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Rikke Jorgensen, Head of Content Strategy & Campaigns, RebelMind Communications, San Francisco, CA
Cathy zeros in on the actual, not just perceived, challenges and then quickly finds strategies to move forward. She takes into consideration the individual and draws from her considerable life and work experience to find a right-fit approach that addressed my situation and level of experience.
— Whitney Greer, Head of Strategic Services and Managing Partner, RebelMind Communications, San Francisco, CA
Cathy’s deeply familiar with engineering issues, and being so close to technical problems gives her a powerful understanding of how to deliver products. When facilitating conversations between our team and clients, she modeled kindness, sincerity, and the most critical communication skill - listening. She took the time to understand challenges and pain points, and was a great sounding board for ideas. Her feedback was direct, relevant, and frequently pushed me to think about problems from different perspectives. Those insights helped me lead our team to deliver quickly and confidently. The proof is in our customers’ reactions, which were amazingly positive.
— Joseph Bironas, Engineering Manager, Mountain View, CA